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How STS Works

Understanding STS for Cannabis Breeding

STS, or Silver Thiosulfate, is a powerful solution used in cannabis breeding to induce male flower development. It works by blocking ethylene production, a hormone responsible for promoting female flower growth.

When applied to female plants, STS interrupts the ethylene signaling pathway, stimulating the production of male flowers instead. This allows breeders to control pollination and produce feminized seeds with greater consistency.

Why Choose STS for Breeding?

STS is the preferred choice for breeders seeking to create stable feminized seeds. Its reliable performance and precise mechanism of action make it a valuable tool in the breeding process.

By using STS, breeders can eliminate the need for manual emasculation, saving time and effort while achieving more predictable results. Whether you're a novice or experienced breeder, STS offers a straightforward solution for enhancing your breeding program.

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