How to use our STS Spray (Silver Thiosulfate)

STS - Silver Thiosulfate Spraying Methods and Schedule

The process of treating your plants with STS is very straightforward. There's debate about spraying each node or using an eye-dropper on each node. I use the spray method and I know it works.

  • Spray Every 3 Days After Lights Out
    Silver Thiosulfate stops the production of ethylene. This effect only lasts a few days in cannabis and spraying every 3 days keeps ethylene production the lowest. Turn off the main lights and spray before the night cycle. Silver thiosulfate is sensitive to light, so low lighting and then dark works well. When using auto's spray the plants in a low light situation, then place them in the dark for 6hrs before going to the regular light schedule.

  • Saturate Each Node With Spray - Saturate entire plant for perfection.
    The nodes are located at each spot where a leaf joins a branch. During vegetative growth, each node will eventually produce another branch. During flowering, each node produces flowers.If spraying a new type of genetics or new strain saturate the entire plant the first time to ensure flip.  Some strains will not fully reverse with any amount of spraying.

  • Begin Spraying Photo's 1-10 days before changing to a flowering light cycle.
  • Begin Spraying Auto's once the first white hairs, also known as pistols or stigmas, begin to show.
  • Stop Spraying once you see the first male flower open.