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STS - Silver Thiosulfate - Buy Silver Thiosulfate Online

STS SPRAY - Dry kit - Makes 2L

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Feminized Reversal Spray Doesn't have to be Expensive!

This kit contains the ingredients you need to make your stock A and Stock B solutions for the Home Breeder.  This kit is shipping friendly and will save you money!  Great for Countries outside of North America.

Store in the Dark in a cold place above freezing for best shelf life. 

Kit contains simple instructions - our pre-formulated STS and it's ingredients.  

The detailed instructions are found in our website

Black bag - Silver Nitrate - Photo Sensitive - Stock A

Clear bag with white crystals- Sodium Thiosulfate - Stock B

Clear Vial with colored liquid - Custom Surfactant. 

Please store all products in a cool dark place - before and after constitution.