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Silver Thiosulfate

STS Spray - Silver Thiosulfate - Reversal Spray - Ready to Use

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**New Shipping Proof Bottle** 250ML

No mixing or weighing or special tools required.  The spray is ready to be applied to your plants.

We mix the solution only hours before shipping,

Guaranteed to work as described, or we will send a free replacement*.  We ship six days a week, and never do large batches. This is the recipie used by all the top breeders that produce stable feminized seed.

This is a Silver Thiosulfate Solution and is the scientific standard for blocking ethyline production in plants.

From our staff of long time growers, we share this valuable tool with you.



Create Feminized Pollen with Silver Thiosulfate

 *One guarentee per purchase, and it must be noted that some plants will refuse to reverse.  While this is a sign of strong genetics, it is not a sign our product isn't working as described.